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About UMify

UMify is a professional web service agency located in Houston and Austin, TX. UMify was founded by several enthusiastic IT professionals who have been in the software industry for 20+ years. We make your service requests, data security, and customer service our top priority. You can rest easy and hand your complicated projects over to us.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress powers nearly one-third of the world’s websites—from small personal blogs to the complex, multilingual sites of major corporations—because of its customizable, extensible, mobile-responsive, and SEO-friendly advantages. The layout, look, and feel can be endlessly customized. And because it’s free and open-sourced, it’s loved by countless third-party designers and developers around the world. Strong community support ensures that WordPress will always stay on the top of the latest technologies.

Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website

The Design of Your Website is 100% Customizable

Upgrade Your Site's Capabilities Easily

Ultimate Social Media Integration

Responsive Web Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ready

Why Choose WooCommerce?

While WordPress supports a variety of e-commerce extensions, WooCommerce is the most popular because it is simple, secure, and powerful. WooCommerce allows businesses to sell any type of products or service online, whether physical or virtual. A WooCommerce store can be installed and open for business in a short amount of time and cost-effectively, compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Because it’s also open-sourced, it has incredible support from a large developer community. The support from this community includes but is not limited to informative analytics, payment gateways, shipping channels, marketing tools, and CRM & ERP integrations.

Reasons to Choose Woocommerce for Your eCommerce Business

Extensible and 100% Customizable

Complete Control over Website Data

Multiple Secure Payment Gateways

Mobile Friendly

Flexible Shipping Options

WordPress + WoodCommerce vs. Other E-Commerce Platforms

Build Your Own or Self-Hosted Platform

A “build your own” e-commerce system is typically built off of an open-source framework such as WooCommerce. You pay a developer or web design company to create a site for you, they charge you a design/development fee, and then when they’re done, you pay for a web server to host the site, along with minor maintenance fees. With a self-hosted system, the e-commerce software and database are 100% under your control.

Hosted E-Commerce Platform

Hosted E-Commerce Platforms: A hosted e-commerce system such as Shopify, BigCommerce, or Squarespace is powered by software you essentially lease from an e-commerce provider. In exchange for the use of their software, you pay a monthly fee that can range from $29 a month to $2,000 (or more). With a hosted e-commerce system, you have limited levels of control and customizability, but you also have reduced responsibilities.

About The Founder

Margaret Cheng

Margaret Cheng

Founder & CEO

Margaret has extensive software design and development experiences. Before launching her own company, she worked in software development and cloud computing R&D groups serving enterprise customers for 10+ years .  She worked as a Software Design Engineer in Test at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA, and as a Software Development Engineer at both Hewlett Packard in Bellevue, WA and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Houston, TX. 

Margaret loves web design and development and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the open-source community.  She holds a BA in Communication with a focus on Digital Media from the University of Oregon, and an MS in Computer Science – Software Engineering specialization from Seattle University. She is also an Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Developer – Associate, who assures that your website and applications are developed with the highest security, scalability, and performance measures.

  • Front-end Development
  • server, networking, storage
  • UI/UX Design
  • SQL, NoSQL Database
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Analytics

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