Subscription with Recurring Payments

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Photo Zone allows members to download unlimited stock photos from its website. It gives members a one-month free trial to begin. Members have three subscription plans to choose from: personal, business, or enterprise. Members can upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions with flexible pro-ration options for recurring amounts, and they can also select either auto or manual renewal options for the subscription, or even cancel a subscription from the website.

The business owner can suspend or cancel a subscription, or change the trial expiration. They can also track how many subscribers are active, when they’re being billed, and how much revenue is generated from each subscription.

The system automatically notifies customers when a subscription renewal payment is processed, a subscription is cancelled, or when a subscription has expired with the built-in subscription emails.


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Deployment & Hosting
  • Subscription Implementation
  • Amazon AWS S3 integration for digital download


  • 10 Pages
  • Style Guide
  • WordPress Build
  • WooCommerce Integration

Feature Details

  • Multiple Billing Schedules Available -Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

  • PayPal Payment Gateway with Automatic Recurring Payments

  • Support Manual and Automatic Renewal Payment

  • Automatic Email Invoices and Receipts

  • Support Automatic Retry of Recurring Payment

  • Give Subscribers the Ability to Upgrade or Downgrade their own Plan

  • Support Prorate Recurring Payment

  • Detailed Reports About Recurring Revenue, Number of Active Subscribers, Payment Date and More.

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